Savannah Sacred Harp Singers

Old-time songs sung powerfully

Saturday, October 11th 2014, -  ALL DAY SINGING

The 10th annual Savannah Sacred Harp Singing was held at Faith Primitive Baptist Church in Savannah GA on Sat October 12, 2014. The class was called to order at 10:00 am by Gene Pinion leading 312b. The invocation was offered by Clarke Lee.

A business meeting followed and John Gentry was elected chairman, Tom Ivey was appointed as arranging committee and Sharon Strong was appointed as secretary.

Books used were the 1991 Denson Book and the 2012 Cooper Book (CB).

Leaders: John Gentry 33b, Sharon Strong 52t, Frank DeBolt 503, Donna Smith 145T, Jan House 143, Clarke Lee 480, Judith Parker 53, Marvin and Annie Reeves 551, Dawn Stanford 457, Myron House 113, Tollie Lee 30t, Agnes Roberts 229 CB, Joyce Heath 135, Dana Savidge 574 CB, Thomas Smith 239 CB


The class was called back to order by Tom Ivey leading 40 DB. Leaders: Nancy Wheless 408 CB, Frank DeBolt 328 CB, Jan House 59, Donna Smith 107, Clarke Lee 491 CB, Sharon Strong 268b CB, Gene Pinion 318, John Gentry and Peter Schenk 163b, Peter Schenk and John Gentry 45t, Joyce Heath 168, Judith Parker 84, Tollie Lee 225t CB, Rexanna Lester 142, Myron House 191, John Gentry 421. Clarke Lee offered a prayer for God’s blessing on our food and fellowship.


The class was called back to order by Tom Ivey leading 159, Leaders: Marvin and Annie Reeves 404 CB, Nancy Wheless 563 CB, Dawn Stanford 85, Agnes Roberts 358, Thomas Smith 47b, Tom Ivey (for Agnes Roberts) 114t CB, Rexanna Lester 434 CB, Jan House 46, Clarke Lee 47t, Donna Smith 86, Frank DeBolt 515, Delynne Lilly and Sharon Strong 572 CB, Sharon Strong 304, John Gentry 110, Tom Ivey 215, Joyce Heath 178, Tollie Lee 571 CB.


The class was called back to order by John Gentry leading 511t CB. Leaders: Nancy Wheless for Agnes Roberts 393 CB, Marvin and Annie Reeves 84 CB, Myron House 207, Judith Parker 269, Thomas Smith 587 CB, Dawn Stanford and Cindy Atkins 282, Rexanna Lester 463 CB, Gene Pinion 161, Agnes Roberts, Joyce Heath and Rabon Holton 61, Jan and Myron House 497, Clarke Lee 195 CB, Tollie Lee 515 CB, Marvin Reeves 553 CB, John Gentry 62. The closing prayer was offered by Clarke Lee, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman – John Gentry; Secretary – Sharon Strong